#39 firewire camera confuses yarp server

v1.0 (example)

Plugging a firewire camcorder creates a virtual network card with a fake ip address (e.g. which confuses the name server. This happens in Windows.

This is not really a YARP bug, but at least something we should be aware of.


  • Paul Fitzpatrick

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    Hi Nat,

    What is the nature of the confusion? Having many IP addresses associated with a single machine is normal (multiple network cards, loopback, vmware bridging, etc), so having yet another one shouldn't be a problem. What fails?

    The weakest point in the name server is that it has to guess which IP is most likely to work for reaching it from other machines. If its guess fails, the user can specify an IP/socket-number when starting it ("yarp server X.X.X.X 10000") or edit the config file reported by "yarp conf". The guess uses heuristics to prioritize more realistic looking IPs.

    Is it that guess that is failing? Is the server trying to advertise itself as If so, I could deal with this specific case by adding the heuristic that 0.* IPs should be treated as dubious.

    We could probably do better than guesswork for choosing the IP, but it would require some OS-specific code I think.

  • Daniele E. Domenichelli

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