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New version 0.7.8 available

At long last, I've released a new version. No new functionality just yet, but I've adapted the code to work with net-snmp 5.x... and only net-snmp 5.x (use 0.7.6 if you need to compile against 4.2.x).

I've also created an RPM spec file, so I've uploaded some RPMs for a few platforms (check the download section).

Posted by Yves Perrenoud 2004-03-08

New version 0.7.6 available

It's about time I've released a new version, to fix some bugs and compilation problems. No new features here, but this version runs perfectly against python 1.5.2 through 2.2.x, and requires ucd-snmp 4.2.5.

It currently does not compile against net-snmp 5.0.x, they've made a lot of incompatible changes, and I'll move to this new major revision of the code when it becomes a little more mature. Mainstream (like bundled with RedHat) support is also a requirement for me to start supporting it. ... read more

Posted by Yves Perrenoud 2002-08-12