Yet Another Process Monitor (YAPM) beta 4 released !

Yet Another Process Monitor (YAPM) is a powerful aplication for Windows NT that monitors the tasks, processes, services, handles, modules, windows and network connections running/opened on your system.

You can fully manage them (pause, priority, affinity, online/advanced informations, view loaded handles/modules/threads etc.), view/unload modules/handles, search for a specific opened file/handle, get advanced informations, manage threads and windows, monitor all Windows items...

After a lot of work, YAPM Beta 4 has just been released !

A lot of new features and improvement have been added/made, for example :
* New GUI
* Network management
* Build in hex editor for memory view
* Real time refreshment of all available informations
* Added 'find window's process' function
* Added a form with all general informations about system
* Added shutdown/logoff functions
* Better services management
* Lots of performance improvements (faster loading, 5x less CPU usage !)
* Many many bug fixes
* Better graphics and history of statistics
* New options & LOTS OF other new features
* ...

The focus of the future developments will be :
* performance++
* less memory usage and less page faults
* make YAPM works fine with limited accounts

Please visit YAPM project page for more informations : http//

Here is the complete changelog :


* General changes
- GNU GPL 2.0 to 3.0 migration

* GUI Changes
- new GUI (just like Process Explorer) with separated form
- added classical menu style
- new icons (Fugue icons & only 32 bits icons)
- real time display of all informations in listview
- now it is possible to select columns for all listview
- can now sort columns by size (e.g 10MB) and by hexadecimal value
- added real time items sorting for all listviews
- now new items/deleted items are displayed with a different color
- custom inputbox
- new about form
- dynamic tray icon with CPU usage and physical memory usage
- graphics are much more better
- average value is displayed on graphs
- addresses are displayed as hexadecimal values
- listview for monitoring log (no more textbox)
- now display only formated sizes
- added a form to manage windows opened by YAPM
- toolitps + tabOrder are OK
- new font
- Ctrl+A (select all) and Ctrl+C (copy) for all listviews

* New functions
- added hex editor for memory reading
- added history of all statistics of processes
- added network management
- added 'find window's process' function
- added a form with all general informations about system
- added shutdown/logoff functions
- added State Based Actions function
- added general report function
- added thread affinity function
- added log function for processes
- added emergency hotkeys function
- now can add/remove privileges to processes

* New informations availables
- now can retrieve strings of processes (in image file or in memory)
- now can displays environment variables for all processes
- added command line information
- added handle count counter
- added DNS solving for TCP connections
- process's username is now OK
- now displays cpu usage per task
- wintrust verification of exe files
- more informations about handles
- new columns availables for process listview (IO counters)

* Minor changes
- double click on lvTask select associated process
- now download of informations about a process is asynchron
- Ctrl+A (select all) and Ctrl+C (copy) works on all listviews

* New options
- showUnnamed handles option
- showUnnamed windows option
- priority of YAPM
- interval for processes/services/tasks/network refresh
- show tray icon
- close YAPM with close button
- colors of new/deleted items
- hide when minimized
- warn about dangerous action
- search engine is now configurable

* Optimization & improvements
- LOTS OF performance improvements thanks to a complete code refactoring
- Cpu usage divided by ~5

* Bugs fixed
- TOO MUCH to be listed

Posted by violent_ken 2009-03-17

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