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yappa-ng 2.3.2 Online PHP Photo Album Security Release

This is a Security Release for yappa-ng, the Online PHP Photo Album Next Generation!

The issue of this release are Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities.
I want to thank James Bercegay of the GulfTech Security Research Team who braught this issue to my attention.

Please take your time and make an upgrade to your yappa-ng installation as soon as possible!!! This security issue will get reported on in about 2 weeks. Please upgrade before this date!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-04-25

yappa-ng 2.3.1 Online PHP Photo Album released

I proudly present yappa-ng 2.3.1, the PHP Photo Album Next Generation
with a long awaited major new feature!

Your users may add User Comments to all images.

The User Comments are complete with "Smilies" (emoticons),
edit before saving and javascript code to just click onto the smilies to integrate them into the text.

Its really easy to add more smilies of your own or change existing smilies!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-12-02

yappa-ng 2.3.0 Online PHP photo album released

I proudly announce the 2.3.0 Major Feature Release of yet another PHP photo album - next generation.

Top News for yappa-ng 2.3.0 are the Image and Album Rating and the long awaited and wished for EXIF support!

The "Upload User" is completely rewritten and is replaced with the concept of a free to configure PowerUser.

Borders like picture-frames around the images are the last of the changes visible for the users.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-10-03

yappa-ng 2.2.2-stable Online PHP photo album released

I am proud to announce the yappa-ng 2.2.2-stable production release.

After months of development on this PHP image gallery and getting rid of quite a view bugs I am now convinced that this is a stable production release! (Now I can go on programming on a stable basis!).

There are many new features in this release, but most of them are in the administrative level.

UPGRADE of yappa-ng is now very easy and without danger to overwrite vital datafiles. (Just keep track of the files you changed yourself) :-)... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-04

yappa-ng 2.2.1 Online PHP photo album released

This is release 2.2.1 of yappa-ng - yet another PHP photo album - and it includes four major new features (among many smaller ones):

First of all yappa-ng got a SlideShow implemented!
This Slideshow is fully configurable for the user. Configuration options include the starting and endpoint of the SlideShow,
the retention time for each photo, the displaysize of each photo and much more.
You may even run it as endless loop for demonstrations, shopping window displays or such.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-06-02

yappa-ng 2.2.0 Online PHP Photo/Video Album released

After 6 months I am proud to announce the official release 2.2.0 of the yappa-ng PHP Photo Album!

This is a Major New Features release!

One of the most outstanding new features is the webbased Setup-Tool with syntax-checks and explanations after all inputs!
It should be now _really_ easy to setup this Image Gallery!

But there are _MANY_ new features - here are just the major ones mentioned:

New Languages: Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Hungarian and Nederlands (now complete!)
New Themes: silver and wood
Other major features:
- Webbased Setup Tool with extensive docs/explanations and syntax/plausibility checks (!!)
- Support of video and movie files
- Maintenance Mode for upgrading/change config of yappa-ng
- Restrict caching to thumbnail and mini preview images only (!
- recognizeable NEW symbols for images/videos uploaded/changed within XX days (album-specific)
- Position of Single Image Navigation Bar now album-specific on up, below, both and LEFT (!!)
- Position the Single Image Info (Hits, Filename, Filesizes, Image Captions) above or below the image
- Display an additional last image/first image mini preview icon within the Single Image Navigation Bar
- Complete rewrite of most of the docs to yappa-ng!! (They are nw HTML - not ASCII)
All BUGS of 2.1.0 fixed
Many more of minor changes and code/speed improvements!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-13

yappa-ng 2.1.0 PHP Photo Album released

After 2 months of work I proudly announce the 2.1.0 stable production release of the PHP Photo Album.

Thanks to some willing beta-testers its tested on many different systems including Linux/Windows and on different web server including apache and IIS. And this time its tested in "safe_mode" and with "open_basedir" too!

Enjoy 3 new themes created from yappa-ng team member Alex Doll. There is "passport" a darker theme and the opposite "hot" - a theme in bright red colours! And for all commandline addicts out there the theme "bash" is the right thing!... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-23

yappa-ng 2.0.1 stable PHP Photo Album

This is the stable production release 2.0.1 of yappa-ng.
After an extended beta-test phase of the PHP photo album 2.0.0 beta all reported bugs have been FIXED.
Tests have been made on windows and linux, apache and IIS.
The HTML-output of yappa-ng image gallery is now validated against HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS 2.0.
Two languages have been added: the Chinese language (Traditional Chinese, Big5 encoded) and the Finnish language.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-06-18

yappa-ng 2.0.0 beta PHP photo album

A milestone is reached with the 2.0.0 release of the yappa-ng PHP photo album. yappa-ng now has an 'alternate image display' which enables all systems which had restrictions in showing the images to show / view there images without troubles. It is recommended to set all filepermissions and parameters correctly to use the standard method, but for the systems where this is not possible (ISP restrictions) the 'alternate display method' will make it possible!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-30

yappa-ng 1.6 PHP Photo Album New Features

Here are some interesting new features.
There are 2 new Admin-Modules:
"Album-Info" and the long awaited "Initialize Album" to initialize all cached images of one size at once with one button.
nother new feature are the much-wanted mini-previews for the previous/next link in the single image view.
There are many other changes and bugfixes.
Please take a look at the CHANGELOG!
And have a look at the Demo-Gallery to see for yourself!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-11

yappa-ng 1.5 major feature release

In this release of yappa-ng some nice new features are introduced.
First of all you can now rotate uploaded images (+90, 180 and -90). This was a much wanted feature!
Also yappa-ng has now an language-autodetection.
If the language your browser submitts is installed yappa-ng will come up with the desired language!
There are many other smaller changes and also some bugfixes.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-03-29

yappa-ng 1.4 language release

There are 2 complete translated NEW languages for yappa-ng - the Norwegian and Italian language! The spanish admin interface is almost finished - so i added it for this release.
For all security-conscious sysads a SHA1-encryption for the admin-passwords was added!

Have FUN with yappa-ng!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-03-06

yappa-ng 1.3 minor feature enhancement

This is an intermediate minor feature enhancement.
The last release had some minor bugs (1 blank too much, 2 carriage returns to much) which resulted in major inconveniences! Sorry for this!!!)
New in this release is the Romanian language!
The 'riders' theme' was optimized - i like it now more than the 'zirkon' theme'! ;-)

Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-22

yappa-ng major feature enhancement

This release of yappa-ng is a major feature enhancement.

The FRENCH language file is finally ready for you.

There is a complete new theme: riders.
You can view and test it in my demo gallery.

And for all of you who install yappa-ng for the first time i added an errorcheck to tell you very elaborate (file ERRORCHECK in the docs-section of the yappa-ng release) how to correct an basic error on startup. Disable this feature when everything runs smoothly after initial setup. in the global config-file.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-15

yappa-ng BUGFIX Release

First: yappa-ng now suports the "register_globals=Off" setting of PHP >4.1.0.
Second: yappa-ng does not use $REQUEST_URI anymore
(this is variable is used only from apache and not from IIS)
- now yappa-ng supports IIS - servers once more! ;-)

A new Languagefile was added - yappa-ng now supports Polish too!

There have been some minor BUGfixes too - look into the CVS for details!
(yes - there is a CVS even if there is 0 / 0 on the summary page and 0 in the statistics.
This is a!)
Look for yourself!
Have Fun!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-02-08

First Stable Release of yappa-ng

This is the first stable release of yappa-ng! The Admin-Interface is complete! yappa-ng at the moment is a complete online php photo gallery!

Of course I have many plans for the next weeks / months / ... ;-)

For details read my TODO in the 1.0 release or, on the yappa-ng homepage.

I hope you all enjoy working with yappa-ng.

If you do encounter BUGS please feel free to post them here on or email it directly to me:... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-21

Initial Release of yappa-ng

This is the initial release of yappa-next generation. yappa-ng is based on YAPPA from Federico 'pix' Feroldi.
If you see any bugs in this release, have any ideas and especially if you find bugs AND have ideas how to correct them please contact me!

Posted by Anonymous 2003-01-06