Version 8.39 Announcement

YAPCG users:

I uploaded this weeks release of YAPCG to the servers ( for you to download.

This release brings bug fixes, some small new features and new content:

New Features include:
- If you have hybrid firearms which can be used both as a firearm and a melee weapon (Musket Axe for example) I have created some "pseudo weapon" entries to allow you to select your hybrid weapon for melee combat. These pseudo weapons only appear if you are currently carrying the same wapon in its firearm form.
- When creating a custom race you can now enter starting languages and bonus languages for your custom race.
- Two new Spell buffs were added from the Advanced Players Guide.

New content includes:
- Paths to Prestige: I added 2 more prestige classes (Storm Kindler, Tattoed Mystic)
- Pathfinder Society Primer - I added kits, feats and spells.

Behind the scenes work continues on Mythic Spells.

I would like to thank the quality control volunteers who have submitted some great bug lists for their assigned classes. It is great to find these bugs before they inconvenience anyone! We appreciate your help!


Posted by Mike 2014-01-05