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Brad Baxter wrote:
I, for one, would welcome this.

Forgive me for spotting trivia, but the lines
below don't seem to match.  Is that just a typo,
or is there something significant I'm missing.

"notes": ".!!! Awesome !!!",
"notes": ".... add note here ...",

notes: '!!! Awesome !!!'
notes: ... add note here ...

He is using a leading dot to quote the next character. Otherwise it would be impossible to make a tag that starts with '!' or '&'.

Correct. I chose a leading period as the escape character. The first '.' of any string is removed. '\' doesn't work for obvious reasons. I chose '.' because it is small and not unsightly, but readability isn't a major design goal.

I also chose '.' because it sorts after '!', '&' and '*'. It will be recommended that JSYNC emitters emit mapping keys in sort order. Types will  always sort to the top, unless the key begins with a space. In that case the emitter is recommended to put a '.' in front of the space, to make it sort lower.

The first ascii printables are: ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1

I'd like all special chars to be before '0'. I'd like the escape char to sort last, or at least after the '&'. That leaves us with ' + , - . or /. I still like . the best.

Note that the escape char is the leading char, *after* extra syntax is removed.

[ "!type .&content" ]


--- !type '&content'

I'm not sure this is the best choice, as numbers can start with a dot. This is not in official JSON syntax, however, because they must start with a zero and are never quoted while strings always are, but there are plenty of semi-JSON syntaxes that do not follow these rules and this would be a serious incompatibility with them.

Can you elucidate with an example? I don't follow the logic.
I think another punctuation mark should be used. '!' can't work as YAML tags can start with '!!'. But I think '&' works because a YAML address cannot start with '&&', right?

Other change I would make is unify the syntax between lists and maps. Instead of "!":"record" in the map, I would use "!record":null. If there is both a tag and address I would use "!record":"&address".

I was thinking of:

"!": "!record"

as a possibility. The "!record":"&address" is pretty clever. I'll sleep on it.

   Greetings from Taiwan,

   I just wrote this up: http://www.jsync.org/

   I'm interested to know what y'all think.

   Cheers, Ingy