On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 10:39 AM, Oren Ben-Kiki <oren@ben-kiki.org> wrote:
This reminds me of EDI. Ah, the good old days before there was
XML/YAML/JSON in the world <shudder>

Having Data::Omap and Data::Pairs in Perl is definitely appreciated!
They are especially useful for handling "legacy" formats (including
XML ;-)

Can't say much about the API - it looks pretty polished and Perl-ish
(in a good way :-) Ingy would be a better authority on this.

Nice work!

Thanks.  I'm pretty sure that major improvements can be made to the
guts for speed, but it is indeed the API that I'm most interested in pinning
down initially (along with a basic idea of algorithms needed).  At the
moment, in the code I'm focusing on correctness and readability.  At least,
I hope it's readable (and correct!).  :-)


-- Brad