Hello all,

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask questions like this, but I'm just wondering a few things about YAML.

First of all is YAML still actively being used? The last update I can find for the news was November last year, and the last specification was finalized in 2009. 

Secondly, there are a few links to parsers written in C#, I'm just wondering if there are any with YAML 1.2 compliance, specifically any that can output JSON compliant code. I have been altering one parser significantly (the yaml-net-parser version) in order to update it and get it compiling on mobile phones, as well as adding features like serialization to it. I have been looking through and thinking about updating it to be YAML 1.2 compliant and adding JSON output, and if there is nothing else then I will double my efforts and release the code when I'm done.

Third, thank you. YAML is by far the easiest to use data serialization format, and I really wish it was more widespread. I am making YAML a pretty critical part of my video game engine, because it makes so many things so much easier.

Nathan Jervis