Hi Patrick,

This was added to libyaml a couple months ago:


Note that it's on the yaml-1.2 branch. Also note that this new github repo is the canonical source at this time.

Cheers, Ingy

On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 5:31 PM, Patrick Pelletier <ppelletier@oblong.com> wrote:
I attempted to submit a feature request ticket for libyaml:


but it rejected my ticket, telling me it was spam.  (I could go off on a
whole rant about how so-called "spam filtering" makes it impossible for
legitimate users to get anything done these days, but that would be

Anyway, since I can't submit a ticket, sending the feature request to
this list seemed like the next-best thing.

Here is the text of the ticket I attempted to submit to libyaml:

YAML 1.2 adds support for the escape sequence "\/", which was not
present in YAML 1.1:


YAML 1.2 added this escape sequence in order to be compatible with JSON.
  (Since YAML's goal is to be a superset of JSON.)

Although libyaml is only a YAML 1.1 parser, it would be nice to have
this feature, and adding it shouldn't cause any trouble with parsing
YAML 1.1.

This is all that's needed:

--- a/scanner.c~
+++ b/scanner.c
@@ -3164,6 +3164,10 @@ yaml_parser_scan_flow_scalar(yaml_parser_t
*parser, yaml_
                          *(string.pointer++) = '\\';

+                    case '/':
+                        *(string.pointer++) = '/';
+                        break;
                      case 'N':   /* NEL (#x85) */
                          *(string.pointer++) = '\xC2';
                          *(string.pointer++) = '\x85';


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