Regarding your second question, have you tried YamlDotNet (http://www.aaubry.net/yamldotnet.aspx)? It is a port of libyaml, which is not compliant with version 1.2, but it supports emitting JSON. If you need features that are not present, please let me know, maybe we can collaborate.


     Antoine Aubry

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 2:48 AM, Nathan Jervis <mirhagk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all,

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate place to ask questions like this, but I'm just wondering a few things about YAML.

First of all is YAML still actively being used? The last update I can find for the news was November last year, and the last specification was finalized in 2009. 

Secondly, there are a few links to parsers written in C#, I'm just wondering if there are any with YAML 1.2 compliance, specifically any that can output JSON compliant code. I have been altering one parser significantly (the yaml-net-parser version) in order to update it and get it compiling on mobile phones, as well as adding features like serialization to it. I have been looking through and thinking about updating it to be YAML 1.2 compliant and adding JSON output, and if there is nothing else then I will double my efforts and release the code when I'm done.

Third, thank you. YAML is by far the easiest to use data serialization format, and I really wish it was more widespread. I am making YAML a pretty critical part of my video game engine, because it makes so many things so much easier.

Nathan Jervis

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