Is the google-group mirror still broken? Did any one else receive this post? I have replicated below:

I was thinking that it would be a very a good idea to create an offical YAML Implementation Guide, which could serve as a set of guidelines for implementation developers. I am not qualified to write such a document myself, so I can probably only help with surface level details, e.g. proof reading, etc. But I think it is important. So I want to try to find a way to encourage those who are qualified to work on it. Of all the people I know I imagine Oren and Kirill Simonov (the creator of libYAML) might be the best qualified. What can I do to help this happen?

Also, let me explain how I came to this quest. I use YAML almost exclusively via Ruby. And Ruby's implementation, Psych, which is build on top of libYAML, lacks what I consider an important feature for any "LAMP" language implementation. Namely, it loads arbitrary types without error but provides no way to access the type tag. e.g.

    YAML.load <<-HERE
      --- !foo
      a: 1
      b: 2

This returns a regular old Hash `{'a'=>1, 'b'=>2}`, without anyway of finding out it is a `!foo`. I have run into use cases that this limitation makes unworkable, and it strikes me as serious flaw in that it necessarily requires pre-knowledge of all types that might be loaded. When I approached the developer of Psych with this, he basically dismissed my concern out of hand saying he saw no use for it. But I know it really is a serious failing. That's when I realized that there was no implementation standards of any kind, and implementors really had nothing to guide them in what was important for API's to provide (relative, or course, to a given language's capabilities). Implementors can choose to buck such guidelines, but at least by having them they would have some point of reference about what an official API should generally handle.