Yes, ! 12 should be a string and not an integer. However, few YAML libraries are up to the spec...
It is only needed if the plain scalar would otherwise be caught by an implicit tagging rule.
It is never required because you have plenty of alternatives (the simplest being quoting the scalar).

Have fun,

Oren Ben-Kiki

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 5:47 PM, Trans <> wrote:

Section 6.28 in spec has:

   # Assuming conventional resolution:
   - "12"
   - 12
   - ! 12

Two questions.

1) What is this last seq element, the "explicit non-specific-tag",
supposed to resolve to?

The spec says: !<,2002:str> "12", but when I run this
through Ruby's Psych lib, which uses libyaml, it is coming back as
an !!int:

   > YAML.load('- ! 12')
   => [12]

I think that might be right and spec wrong. But then:

   > YAML.load('- ! "12"')
   => [12]

Is that right?

2) When MUST an explicit non-specific-tag be used?

I ask b/c I noticed libyaml is putting such a tag on every !!str node
that has characters that need to be escaped. As it seems to be
completely unnecessary, and make the output less human-readable, I do
not understand why it is being done.

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