ok, then.. please help me out from this. Will that took from RFC0822?

exact code is..


    - "sample@co.com;sample2@co.com"
- "asdf@co.com"

messageText: "\n This is a test mail.\n"
messageFooter: "Thanks. \n My Team"

from: "ygnakumar@co.com"

In this i couldn't find mailconfig.I can able to send the mail when i add a single id in To field. I know, this may be due to seperator. Still, i cannot resolve it. It will be great if you could help me.

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On 09.07.2013, at 18:04, ygna kumar velliangiri <ygnakumar@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think YAML includes mailing configuration too. Adding multiple contact will be the part of YAML rite?

I don't know what you're talking about.
Here's what this mailing list is about: http://www.yaml.org/spec/1.2/spec.html

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