Hi Trans,

I use Vim, YAML and GitHub extensively. I would be happy to take over the project. I just forked it here:


Is there anything else I should do?

Thanks, Ingy

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 12:19 PM, Trans <transfire@gmail.com> wrote:

Today I updated yaml.vim. This new version merges the original
yaml.vim with Nikolai Weibull's rendition of the same. This was done
by Phill Baker (thanks Phill), and I just merged his changes. You can
find it here:


Also, I am looking for someone to takeover this project. Are there any
YAML users out there that also use vim as their main editor? I don't
use vim extensively (just for occasional quick edits), so it's not
really a project I am suited to support. There's really very little to
do to maintain this project, other then touch up the code to your
liking and accept patches as they come in --I've had one in eight

Let me know.


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