So … I’ve only recently joined and been tracking this list, so please excuse what might be off-topic.


I’m working on a security standard and trying to use YAML.  However, I need a schema – not to enforce a schema on YAML, but  primarily to be able to describe in YAML subsets of a possible schema.


The standard is focused on describing “who can do what”. Who is cryptographic, what can be objects describable in YAML.  Delegation requires the ability to define set of information within a schema.


I’ve looked at Doctrine – it’s close but not quite what I need. Are there other efforts in place that could be leveraged?


I’m also looking at stronger typing and binary encoding (akin to Protobuf).  The use of schemas, strong types and alternate encodings may be contrary to YAML culture and goals (of staying simple).  Is YAML the right choice in this context or should I just start something new that is YAML-like?


Thanks in advance,