Great, that does it.  Thanks.

Bill McClain wrote:
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Kenneth Downs <> wrote:

How would it appear if you had another property:value assignment after 
notes?  How does the parser know when we've hit the end of notes?


Why is there a dash in front of date?

Because it is one of a series, even though no other entries are shown in this
example. Here is a more complete entry:

- catalog: M
  id: 72
  con: aqr
    - {catalog: NGC, id: 6981}
  kepple: 4
    - date: 10/5/2004
      notes: >
         Small, undistinguished globular found by scanning SE of
         &epsilon;, about midway between that star and &theta; Cap.
         Not visible in binoculars. At 43x forms an equilateral triangle
         with mag 6 and 7 stars to W and S (R6).
    - date: 10/8/2004
      notes: >
         Although it is a long stretch from &epsilon; Aqr to &theta; Cap,
         M72 is pretty easy to find at the center of a line between them.


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