Bill McClain wrote:
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Kenneth Downs <> wrote:

pretty simple stuff.  What I don't understand from the docs is how to 
put in free-form notes that may include wiki formatting and other 
stuff.  I think in YAML-speak I want a "folding" block.  Would this work:

I do something like this:

    - date: 9/16/2004
      notes: >
         &alpha; and &beta; Ari point to &eta; Psc; M74 is two 43x fields to
         the E and a bit N of the star, back toward Aries. It is about
         centered (a bit S) between &eta; and a pair of stars visible in
         binoculars, mag 6 and 7 (R6).
         The galaxy is large but very faint, probably because of the low
         altitude. Not yet visible in binoculars.

How would it appear if you had another property:value assignment after notes?  How does the parser know when we've hit the end of notes?

Why is there a dash in front of date?


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