Hello again.   Reviewing the 1.2 working draft I can see it made some great progress.   Thank you for all your effort.


I notice that the HTML version of this draft is rendering strangely.   It appears that for some (but not all) of the hyperlinks, only the last character is getting shown with a blue underline.   The first example is the word “applications” near the end of Chapter 1’s first paragraph, on my screen it renders with just the “s” underlined.    Comparing against the 1.1 HTML version, it seems to be related to the addition of a class="link" property in the HTML <A> tag.  I don’t find this style listed in the corresponding single_html.css.  


I’m using Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11.  If you think this is an IE rendering problem, I can find someone to investigate, though I thought I’d ask about the style change here first.