Ron, thank you thank you thank you!  Now I see that the problem is my ignorance.  The mnemonics you present are wonderful.  Now I will never forget them.  Scratch (G5)!


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(G5) @ and % do not suggest list and map to me


Dear Joe

@ and % come from Perl.

@ is like an "a" that stands for "array", which holds a list. It looks like this in Perl:
@my_array = ("a", "b", "c");

% is prefixed to the name of a map, which in Perl is called a hash, but used to be called an associative array, because it is a list of keys associated with values. It looks like this:
%my_hash = (a => "1", b => "2", c => "3");

In the "%" symbol, the first tiny circle in the upper left can be thought of as associated with the other tiny circle, like a key and its value.


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