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--- On Sun, 5/15/11, Trans <> wrote:

From: Trans <>
Subject: [Yaml-core] YSL
Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011, 6:48 PM

Had an idea tonight for a "ysl", a YAML Stylesheet Language. It would
be something like CSS but using a YAML file format. It would define
how the information in another YAML file should be displayed via HTML.
An example might be something like:

  # data.yml
  - name: charlie
    age: 52
  - name: jane
    age: 31
  - name: bill
    age: 40

Then a .ysl file to format it:

  # tabular.ysl
    type: table
    type: tr
    type: td
    type: td

Then applying the .ysl file to the .yml file via a ysl compiler:

  $ ysl-compile tabular.ysl data.yml > table.html


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