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Le Mardi 26 novembre 2013 22h59, Jens Eichendorff <> a écrit :

I'm looking for a C library providing access to YAML 1.2 documents,
however I'm unable to find any and development of LibYAML/PyYAML seems
to have stalled.  Has it been abandoned, too?

I would like to use YAML in my project but I can't find a conforming
YAML 1.2 library for C (only C++).  The future of the only relevant
library LibYAML seems uncertain, so I'm considering other formats.
Extrapolating from the datedness of relevant YAML websites, the future
of LibYAML looks grim.

I would help out getting LibYAML into shape if I had the time and
expertise, but contributing upstream and writing lexers and parsers is
something I only have marginal experience in.  There are a few patches
on Trac to make LibYAML get closer to conforming to 1.2.  What would
need to be done to make it mostly conform?


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