Dear Yaml fans,


We are two computer science students from the University of Hasselt, Belgium. This year we had to choose a project and because of the great challenges we choose to[CL] implement a .NET Yaml parser.

The requirements of the project were to implement it in C# and release it as Open Source. We also took the challenge to make it a one pass parser.


After 3 months of hard work we are proud to release the source code. We are finishing the last parts for the presentation and after the marking we will release it definitive (begin of July).


All information can be found on  There is a unfinished manual, NDoc generated documentation and the information to get the source code from the CVS repository. We will follow the project, but due of our busy student life we can't say at the moment that we will have time to do a lot of coding.


We hope you enjoy our work and it is useful.


Greats Jonathan Slenders and Christophe Lambrechts