My employer has decided that he wants to store his hotkey binding is YAML since there are 3rd party utilities that can convert YAML into the industry’s golden child XML, otherwise we’d just use an ini. So I’ve been taking a crash course in YAML and I think I get the idea now, but I need some refinement so I need your experience.


Some actions could have multiple bindings, so at first I tried doing something like this:

Action : {ctrl+alt+key1, ctrl+alt+key2}

But discovered that didn’t exactly work because it was reading the binding as a key and wanted a value for it. (Well, it worked, but not cleanly. So now I’m thinking something like this:

Action :

 - ctrl+alt+key1

 - ctrl+alt+key2

Which looks okay.

I’m also considering:

Action :

- Key: key1

   Modifier: ctrl+alt

- Key: key2

   Modifier: ctrl+alt

I’m not sure which would be better, particularly in light of the conversion to XML that my employer wants to happen. So what’s your experienced opinion on this? How should YAML store key bindings?