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What's cooking up

You might have noticed some nice changes in August release (0.99a), but it's only the beginning. The next versions (0.99b till 1.0) would introduce a quicker, friendlier dynamic UI (AJAX).

Other less-visible improvements include better, more stable code, as we've done some rewrites and added unittests.

Still, major changes might introduce new bugs, we need your feedback.

0.99b should be released within the following weeks (don't quote me, as I cannot really promise, heh).... read more

Posted by Oren Held 2008-12-14

0.35a (5 years to yala)

Yala is 5 years old, but not much got changed last two years.
There's a lot to catch up, I hope to re-start a quicker development.

Rapid development also means breaking stuff; I myself cannot test yala on every LDAP server (RedHat/Fedora DS, OpenLDAP, Sun, MS AD, Oracle, probably more), thus your bug reports are cruicial.

Thanks for using Yala, I hope you enjoy :)

Posted by Oren Held 2007-10-16


- Fedora DS support
- PHP5 support

Posted by Oren Held 2006-06-14


Fixed modrdn bug

Posted by Oren Held 2006-03-05

0.31a is out!

This is a minor change release,
mostly trying to make the code cleaner.

Posted by Oren Held 2006-02-26

A new version, finally

Yeah, it's been quite a long time (8 months) since the last release.
This release brings some new stuff, and also.. we're going to release more often in the near future.

10x for using yala :)

Posted by Oren Held 2004-07-13

0.29 is out

This release focused on both small bugfixes and some new features.. check out the changelog at .

NOTE for upgraders: Configuration files' structure got changed.

Posted by Oren Held 2003-11-05

0.21 is out

Hello Hello,

0.20 was a bad version. My mistake.
Please use 0.21. It introduces few new features and fixes, the most noticable are TLS support and better i18n.

Have fun and keep reporting bugs :)

Posted by Oren Held 2003-07-27

0.12 is out


Thanks to your bug reports a quite major bug was solved, and now yala should work even when php is set to disable register_globals (which is actually the default in most recent installations). Please keep posting bug reports :)

- Oren

Posted by Oren Held 2003-04-17

First public release!

First public version of Yala (0.11) was just released..
I saw quite many downloads (more than I've expected) in the first day it apeared on freshmeat - I'll be glad to get feedback (either in sourceforge's forums or email) about it:
Bugs, problems, ideas for improvements, etc.

Posted by Oren Held 2003-03-15