#8 Delete err_, out_, in_ and JNA temp files on startup?


This was already submitted here but never turned into anything:


I know the issues that exist with trying to delete on exit, and was wondering if there would be a way to keep track of and delete unused ones on startup? I had a server fill with 40GB of log files due to a restarting service.

The biggest problem is not interfering with other YAJSW services on the same machine and wanted to know if you have a plan or if I should look into rolling something myself on my application?


  • William Roush

    William Roush - 2013-04-23

    Additionally being able to turn these off works too.

  • William Roush

    William Roush - 2013-04-23

    An idea on exit would be to add some kind of file to the temp directory marking the other files as no longer in use, which then YAJSW can delete.

  • rzo

    rzo - 2013-04-27


    removing err_... files on shutdown is an issue.
    therefore yajsw removes these files on startup.
    this has been implemented in release 11.03

    so i do not think that you need to implement something on your own.

    for deleting log files pls check the wrapper.logfile... properties. with these you can control how many log files are kept. with release 11.02 some issues treating log files were solved.

    if you are still having issues. pls post the configuration, os, jvm and which files are not being deleted.

    -- Ron

  • rzo

    rzo - 2015-04-18
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