yajsw-stable-11.04 released

New: Autoupdate of wrapper and application. see documentation for details
New: command "-rw": remove and wait until the service has been removed.
New: property wrapper.logfile.maxdays
Bug: Installing a multi-config wrapper as daemon
Bug: AIX, FreeBSD: Undefined symbol "stdout", error installing daemon
Bug: Mac OS Can't connect to Window
Bug: wrapper.app.env broken in 11.03
Bug: wrapper.cleanup_tmp not working as supposed
Bug: Nested braces / absolute path in wrapper.conf
Bug: Changed VFS so that it does not use an xml parser
Bug: shutdown wait timeout negative
Bug: JarBuilder: Source code discrepancy
Change: make yajsw less talkative if wrapper.debug is not set.

Posted by rzo 2013-01-10

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