yajsw-stable-11.03 released


* Bug: 11.02 does not work with Java 1.5
* Bug: .svn dir in src\ahessian\org\jboss\netty\handler\ipfilter
* Bug: java.io.IOException: The handle is invalid -> print message instead of stack trace
* Bug: configuration file: error evaluating include directives with env vars.
* Bug: Problems geting stdout with Solaris 10 sparc:
* Bug: Windows: totalRAM in WindowsXPSystemInformation
* Bug: commons logging, default (log4j) does not log to file.
* Bug: Error creating wrapper.app.pre.script
* Bug: Application could not restart due to hacker TCP/IP connection to wrapper controller
* Bug: ahessian may hang similar to java bug in ReentrantLock
* Change: when setting environment vars: use javas System.getEnv()
* Change: Executing jar files: classpath from manifest are added to the classpath of the application.
* New: wrapper.config.script.<n> for user defined scripts within the configuration
* New: decode.gv groovy script for decoding properties within the configuration file
* New: wrapper.script.<n>.<state>: allow multiple scripts for the same state transition. For compatibility wrapper.script.<state> will be interpreted as <n> being set to "". Execution order of the scripts is the alpha-numeric order of <n>
* New: Unset properties by setting ${return null}
* New: \r\n line endings: wrapper.logfile.format=LPNTM\r\n
* New: property wrapper.cleanup_tmp default: true, clean up the tmp folder of err_ ... files at startup. Note: jna cleans up its files at startup.
* New: property wrapper.tray.spawn_process

Posted by rzo 2012-08-26

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