yajsw-stable-11.02 released


Bug: cmd line config override broken since 10.5
Bug: Linux: evaluating wrapper.ntservice.additional
Bug: same script should not execute concurrently
Bug: WRAPPER log rolling doesn't work
Bug: rollmode DATE always keeps 10(=wrapper.logfile.maxfiles) files for every date
Bug: in stop configuration include of main configuration must be absolute.
Bug: installDaemon.sh not doesn't work
Bug: totalRAM() hangs
New: wrapper.script.reload allow update of scripts without restart of wrapper: file changed date is checked before script execution
New: wrapper.script.encoding, wrapper.log.encoding, wrapper.conf.encoding configuration properties to set the encoding of the script, log and configuration files.
New: wrapper.console.pipestreams for wrapped java processes: stdout and stderr are streamed to the wrapper instead of t-ing System.out and System.err
New: log os, yajsw, jvm versions
Change: upgraded libraries: configuration-1.8, netty-3.5.0Beta1, commons-vfs2-2.0, jna-3.4.1
Change: Separated Posix and Windows batch files to folders bat and bin !
Change: calculate totalRAM/freeRAM only when required.
Change: build: dependency versions defined in main build script

Posted by rzo 2012-06-10

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