yajsw-stable-11.01 released


Bug: handling ping timeout, in some cases ping timeout may trigger too early, ping timeout may result in stop instead of restart.
Bug: Duplicate parameters for launched service
Bug: Linux: app.wrapper.account doesn't with fork_hack
Bug: Linux: wrapper.fork_hack spawns java with wrong jna lib
Bug: Linux: randomly process will not restart
Bug: wrapper.on_exit.1=SHUTDOWN System.exit(1) does not shutdown wrapper
Bug: exception when stopping wrapper console using CNTRL-C
Change: value for property wrapper.on_exit: STOP: will cause the application to stop (note: wrapper will stop depending on the wrapper.control property), SHUTDOWN: will stop the application and the wrapper
Change: java system property jna.tmpdir for setting the tmp folder for jna library files.Please refer to the documentation. wrapper.tmp.path per default set to jna.tmpdir
Change: per default tmp files are created in <yajsw>/tmp
Change: per default log files are created in <yajsw>/log
Change: reworked log file rolling.
Change: use wrapper.app.parameter for native exes
Change: commandCondition.gv: commands for start/stop of cyclic thread dump
Change: ROLLNUM always appended to logfile
Change: Linux: installDaemon.sh, startDaemon.sh, stopDaemon.sh calls sudo
New: properties for restarting the application in case of excessive memory or full scan gc usage: wrapper.java.monitor.gc.threshold, wrapper.java.monitor.gc.restart, wrapper.java.monitor.heap.restart
New: wrapper.logfile.rollmode= DATE

Posted by rzo 2012-04-11

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