yajsw-beta-10.11 released


Bug: Jboss 7 startup fails logging initialisation -> do not use java.util.logging in WrapperJVMMain
Bug: Error resolving ".." and "." in wrapper.java.classpath property
Bug: Reworked setenv.gv script
Bug: Error parsing groovy script -> remove index.list from glazedlist jar file.
Bug: PosixService.stop() fixed timeout. thanks to ddahlmann for the patch
Bug: maxmemory parameter doesn't work without initmemory
Change: Added logging in application scripts
Change: Absolute Minimum Files To Run On Windows -> removed unused jar files, moved jar files to lib/extended
Change: "Remember" environment variables and system properties when installing a service. Up to now only interpolations were "remembered"
New: Interpolated config options become "hard coded" -> new configuration property: wrapper.save_interpolated, default value: true
New: Sample configuration file for oracle odi
New: Sample configuration file for JBoss 7
New: Sample script for thread dump on application exit.

Posted by rzo 2011-11-27

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