reset user on restart

  • rzo

    rzo - 2014-06-08

    I'm using yajsw-stable-11.04 and I've faced a necessity to change the user from which my application is being run. Is it possible to reboot application under diffirent user without rebooting wrapper itself from the application code? I've tried to change wrapper.conf -> and password and then I've called WrapperJVMMain.WRAPPER_MANAGER.restart(); but seems to be wrapper doesn't read config on restart(). Then I've tried to change parameters WrapperJVMMain.WRAPPER_MANAGER.getProperties() from my app. but seems to be it is only a copy =(

  • rzo

    rzo - 2014-06-08


    try setting


    then reinstall the service.
    after that changing and restarting the service the file will be reloaded and the restart should be done with the new account.

    note however that some properties cannot be changed, since they are used to install the service and the service will not reinstall itself.

    -- Ron

  • rzo

    rzo - 2014-06-08

    ps: switch to 11.11 this is the most recent version and the most stable.

  • Red_Line

    Red_Line - 2014-06-09

    Thanks a lot, now it works! Will try to push my managers to apply 11.11 =)


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