#94 WRAPPER log rolling doesn't work for ROLLMODE=DATE on yajsw-11.07


I am new to YAJSW and using yajsw-11.07 for wrapping the jboss-6 on ubuntu 12.04 LTS. But Date rollback is not working with logs. Actually I want to create logs datewise and keeps last 7 days logs, But this is not working in yajsw 11.07.

Configure Parameters that I used for wrapper are as follows:-






With these entries logs rollback is not working for new days, when jboss application is in continuous running mode.

For example:-
Assume my application is started on 20131225(25-dec) by yajsw wrapper. For the next day i.e 20131226(26-dec) log file is not created automatically by wrapper.

These configuration parameters working fine and new date logs also created when I commented the 'wrapper.logfile.maxdays=7' parameter and keeping rest parameters same. In this case how can I restrict log files to rolled automatically back within 7 days and keeping logs only for past seven days ?

This problem is also appeared when I use YAJSW-11.04 with the same configuration parameters for logging.

Please help me out how this can be solved, so that I can rollback my logs within 7 days. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks for giving me your precious time in advance.


  • rzo

    rzo - 2013-12-28


    just tested this and it works fine (tested with 11.09, but should be the same with 11.07)
    note that a file is rolled only if there is something to log. as long as there is nothing to log no new file is created.

    do you see loggings of the 26th in the file with name 20131225 ?

    -- Ron

  • Jitendra Trivedia

    Hello Ron,

    Thanks for reply.

    No, There is only logging for 25th in the file 20131225. Jboss server is running continuously. I do see 26th Dec logging on JBOSS-server's log file.

    I don't see new file was created by YAJSW wrapper for 26th Dec and logs for 26th of December is also not present in file named '20131225' created by YAJSW wrapper at the starting as a log file. I run this server for around 3 days continuously with using YAJSW 11.07 wrapper and there is no new log created by YAJSW services during this duration. Only first day (20131225) file was created.

    I am using Oracle JDK- to start JBOSS6 server.

    There is something leaks, I don't know where is my logs written for YAJSW wrapper services on my system. Please help me out how I can use YASJW to wrapping my application with One week logs.


  • Golu

    Golu - 2013-12-30

    Hello Ron,

    I faced same problem with Oracle JDK 1.7 and YAJSW 11.04 on Ubuntu 64-bit 12.04 LTS. I don't able to find any solution on this. I just made manually cron entry to delete older wrapper logs for JBOSS6 server. I am not using "wrapper.logfile.maxdays" parameter in my YAJSW conf file. So the logs are made by date by not using "wrapper.logfile.maxdays" parameter, but they are not restricted to auto delete and keep only particular max days values.

    If you able to find any solution on this, then it will be great help.


  • Jitendra Trivedia

    Hello Ron,
    Any update on this, logs are not properly created for 'DATE' on my local system?
    Here it's complete configuration of the my wrapper.conf file for your reference by using YAJSW 11.07.

    wrapper.tmp.path = ${jna_tmpdir}
    wrapper.logfile.maxfiles = 2
    wrapper.daemon.run_level_dir=${if (new File('\/etc\/rc0.d').exists()) return '\/etc\/rcX.d' else return '\/etc\/init.d\/rcX.d'}
    wrapper.tray = true
    wrapper.tray.port = 15006
    wrapper.java.command =\/home\/user\/jdk1.7.0_25\/\/bin\/java
    wrapper.java.classpath.1 = .\/\/run.jar
    wrapper.java.classpath.2 = \/home\/user\/jdk1.7.0_25\/\/bin\/java
    wrapper.app.parameter.1 = -b
    wrapper.app.parameter.2 =
    wrapper.java.additional.1 = -server
    wrapper.java.additional.2 = -Xms1024m
    wrapper.java.additional.3 = -Xmx1024m
    wrapper.java.additional.4 = -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
    wrapper.java.additional.5 = -Dorg.jboss.resolver.warning=true
    wrapper.java.additional.6 = -Dsun.rmi.dgc.client.gcInterval=3600000
    wrapper.java.additional.7 = -Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=3600000
    wrapper.java.additional.8 = -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true
    wrapper.java.additional.9 = -Dprogram.name=run.sh
    wrapper.java.additional.10 = -Dlogging.configuration=file:.\/logging.properties
    wrapper.java.additional.11 = -Djava.library.path=.\/\/native\/lib64
    wrapper.java.additional.12 = -Djava.endorsed.dirs=\/home\/user\/server\/jboss-6.1.0.Final\/lib\/endorsed

    Your help will really needful, I have tested this on various Ubuntu machine but it's not working for me.

    Thanks for you precious time.

    Last edit: Jitendra Trivedia 2014-01-09
  • rzo

    rzo - 2014-01-09


    i tested this again on ubuntu 12.10 and it works as expected. i proceed for my test as following:

    start the app with runConsole.sh

    check that the log file with correct date in name is created.

    execute sudo data -s <date of="" next="" day=""> in a console

    check that a new log file with the date of the next date is created.

    i wonder what is different in your environment.

    -- Ron

  • rzo

    rzo - 2014-01-09

    PS maybe this is a jdk issue: what jdk are you using ?

  • rzo

    rzo - 2015-12-23
    • Description has changed:


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     I am new to YAJSW and using yajsw-11.07 for wrapping the jboss-6 on ubuntu 12.04 LTS. But Date rollback is not working with logs. Actually I want to create logs datewise and keeps last 7 days logs, But this is not working in yajsw 11.07.
     Configure Parameters that I used for wrapper are as follows:-
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  • rzo

    rzo - 2015-12-23

    pls reopen if this still does not work with release 12.04


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