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YAJL-Fort 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 is a minor update that fixes a problem ([bugs:#2]) seen on certain platforms. This version has been tested with the NAG 5.3.2 and Intel 13.1.2 and 14.0.3 compilers, and the new NAG 6.0 and Intel 15.0.1 compilers.


Posted by Neil Carlson 2014-11-22

YAJL-Fort 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of YAJL-Fort is a minor update. It includes improved CMake handling of the C yajl library, and a tweak to the example driver that works around a bug in early versions of the Intel 13 compiler. The core Fortran module is unchanged.


Posted by Neil Carlson 2013-11-08

A non-trivial application of YAJL-Fort

I'd like to call attention to a non-trivial application of the YAJL-Fort JSON parser.

I've recently uploaded to the Petaca Project a "parameter list" functionality for Fortran inspired by, and modeled after, the Teuchos::ParameterList C++ class from Trilinos. A parameter list is a hierarchical data structure consisting of collection of name/value pairs, where a value can be a scalar or array of primitive types, or a parameter list itself. This data structure can be represented very naturally using JSON, and this implementation includes code that uses YAJL-Fort to instantiate a parameter list using JSON read from a disk file. See the file parameter_list_json.F90 in the code repository.... read more

Posted by Neil Carlson 2013-06-18