#50 can not connect across proxy server


Here is the contents of my log file. Asyou can see, I am
unable to retrieve messages. I am located behind a
proxy server. Windows 2000 SP4, OE5. IP is my desktop PC, this is an internal IP
address and not visible to the internet.

Do you need any other information?

Dave A.

[06/01/04 17:18:13]

[06/01/04 17:18:13] Configuration:
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Log Mode = Advanced
[06/01/04 17:18:13] MD5 = 0, Secure Mode = 0
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Use Proxy = 1, HTTP Proxy =
galileo.us.cly:80, HTTPS Proxy = galileo.us.cly:80
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Max Emails = 500, Leave as unread
= 0
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Emtpy Trash = 0, Empty Bulk = 0
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Download Inbox = 1, Download
BulkMail = 0
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Email Category = Unread
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Proxy Auth = 1, Username =
awerbuch, Password = <HIDDEN>
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Quiet Mode = 0, Autostart = 1,
Always on Top = 1
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Network IP =, POP3
Port = 11010, SMTP Enable = 1, SMTP Port = 2510
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Save Sent Email = 0, Enable UIDL
= 1, Ignore Exact Size = 1, Hide Tray Icon = 0
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Cookie Timeout = 24000
[06/01/04 17:18:13] User Agent = Mozilla/4.0
(compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)
[06/01/04 17:18:13]
[06/01/04 17:18:13] Starting POP3 session
for "david_awerbuch".
[06/01/04 17:18:13] <david_awerbuch> Password
received from client.
[06/01/04 17:18:13] <david_awerbuch> Creating a new
[06/01/04 17:18:13] <david_awerbuch> Connecting to
[06/01/04 17:18:13] <david_awerbuch> Using proxy
settings [galileo.us.cly:80 / galileo.us.cly:80]
[06/01/04 17:18:18] Content-Type = (null)


  • Anuj Seth

    Anuj Seth - 2004-06-06

    Logged In: YES

    Are you able to connect to the Yahoo Mail website from a
    web browser?

  • David Awerbuch

    David Awerbuch - 2004-06-07

    Logged In: YES


    Thank you for using YahooPOPs! and thank you for raising a bug

    On initial analysis, we feel we need more information to proceed
    further in finding a fix for this bug.

    Could the following be provided (if it has not already been provided
    as part of your initial report):

    1) yahoopops.log: The YahooPOPs! log file created in advanced

    2) The steps to reproduce this error, if it is known to you.

    3) The Operating system being used and the mode you use to go
    online (dialup, cable modem, LAN, etc.)

    4) If a proxy server is being used, the type of proxy server (name,
    operating system, version, etc.)

    5) The mail client being used and the settings on the mail client for

    The above information should help us in determining the cause of
    the problem.

    Please provide the information as part of this problem report itself.
    Do not raise a new problem report.

    Thank you!

    • The YahooPOPs! Team
  • David Awerbuch

    David Awerbuch - 2004-06-07

    Logged In: YES

    I am able to access yahoo mail without problem. Since the
    intranet here gets a little slow during the day, I thought it
    might be faster to use ypop tp download the mail, and then
    view it using Outlook Express. The corp mail system is
    Outlook/Exchange, not OE.

    Does the log file tell you anything? Is there any other
    information / files / date I can provide you with?

    Could there be a timeout setting that is too small?


  • Don Beusee

    Don Beusee - 2005-02-25

    Logged In: YES

    If you are using 0.6 or below, please download the latest version at the
    http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net/ web site, since 0.6 and under have
    known serious bugs due to changes in the Yahoo web site since the
    original 0.6 release.

    If it still doesn't work, you probably have a setup issue. Please check
    the FAQ and instructions at http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net/ web site.

    If you still can't get it working, post a message in the appropriate forum
    on the web site. When you post the message, please provide all
    possible information including error message from the email client (if
    any), the ypops log and any html files generated.


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