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#143 Still problems with 0.9.2


After downloading and installing the latest version, I still cannot download my e-mail.

With the classic/original Yahoo version, the first time I connect to Yahoo with YPOPs, I see all the expected commands: login to Yahoo!, waiting for password, anaylzing INBOX folder, STAT, UIDL, RETR1, QUIT. But then I get the "-ERR message 1 could not be downloaded" server response in Outlook. From the log file I get the message: "Yahoo login form detected - returning failure" and that is tried for 5 times until YPOPs gives up and returns the error message that the message could not be downloaded.

Sometime when I try Send/Receive again, after the "Analyzing the Inbox folder for emails..." message, I'm prompted for my password by Outlook, and then YPOPs tries to log in again -> waiting for password, connecting to Yahoo! mail, analyzing inbox... and then the prompt for the password again. This loop repeats itself until I cancel it. But no messages are downloaded.

With Yahoo! Beta activated, I still get the missing credentials error (time out set to zero). Also only the first new message is donwloaded. I do get the other RETR commands (and the missing credentials errors) but the emails are not downloaded. When I try again, the next e-mail is downloaded. So for every e-mail I have to do a Send/Receive.

Now I also got the 999 error, so my account is locked. Although I still can log in, and even still get message through YPOPs. Allthough I get the 999 error message with every RETR command (but not the missing credentials anymore???)

I leave it for a while now and see tomorrow night how it works.

Hope it will work as before soon, because it's a great program!


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