#134 send works, download doesn't on vista


I just got a new computer yesterday with Windows Vista. Ypops worked fine on old one with XP. I set up everything exactly the same way in both Ypops and Thunderbird as on the XP computer. The SMTP send works every time through Yahoo mail but the receive doesn't. I did set it up to track with a log but either it doesn't create the log or I can't find it. I did search for everything with ypops in the name but nothing came up with .log on the end. Thunderbird and Ypops are both the most recent (stable and public) releases.

Is there something special I need to do now, or just wait for Vista to be supported? If the second, any estimate as to how long it will be?

Thank you.


  • Ken

    Ken - 2007-07-22

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    I did download Ethereal and try to check the mail. It never got to the ethernet port at all, apparently stopped internally somewhere before it got to the outside world. The send function does work well.

  • Ken

    Ken - 2007-08-11

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    I resolved the problem. A friend who also used ypops before upgrading to Vista found something somewhere (?) that said there is a program called SpamPal (built into Vista?) which uses port 110. We both changed our ypops and Thunderbird ports to 1101 and it works fine now. The same site (he didn't send me the URL, just the fix) said you might need to change your SMTP from 25 to 251 also, but my send works well on 25 so I didn't change it.


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