#117 YPops security compromised?


To whom it may concern:

I apologize for not documenting this so I am reporting
from a few weeks memory. I have a photographic memory
but I am old and the film is fogged a bit. I had not
intended to report this because I was unaware this
venue was available.

I've been using YPops for a few years now with Outlook
2002. I regularly check for updates through the
systray icon. I am just a power user and not a
programmer. About a month ago, I started having
problems. Checking for updates, one showed available
and I installed it. Checking the version after
install, I noticed the sourceforge.net had been
changed to another site. which indicated a version was now available when I clicked on the link
(sorry, I do not recall the site.) I decided to return
to sourceforge.net to download from here because that
was the site I had learned to trust over the years.
The latest available here was

I uninstalled the YPops and left my settings,
downloaded from here and installed it. I had
intermittent access to my Yahoo account with much
difficulty in sending from it with numerous errors in
Outlook. Eventually, the errors migrated to my other e-
mail accounts to the point of frustration.

I locked down to maximum security in my Zone Labs
Security Suite and changed all of my programs
permissions to either ask or deny. Restarting my
computer after running bit level virus scans, full
spyware scans with three programs without any
detections, I ran system file checker in a command
window, rebooted and opened Outlook 2002 (All my
software is authentic and fully updated as far as I
know.)Loads of Microsloth XP SP2 requested permissions
to access the internet through the Zone software. I
checked the properties of each and all appeared to be
authentic so, I permitted access to them. Sending and
receiving in Outlook, I immediately got requests for
permissions for YPops. I opened IE6 and checked each
of the IP numbers YPops wanted access to. YPops wanted
to access my .net passport, my Yahoo account, my
website's IP address, my DNS server and one IP that a
server could not be found. I denied access to YPops,
shut it down, uninstalled it completely, changed all
my passwords, rebooted and opened Outlook again and
all my previous concerns appear to have vanished
excepting, of course my Yahoo account.

Should this be a known concern, I would appreciate
your advice so I can use YPops in confidence again. I
thank you in advance for your attention to this



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