YahooPOPs 0.3.6/Windows has been released. This release is a minor upgrade over the previous
The following new features have been added:
-> Support for downloading emails from user-defined folders
-> Tooltips (Thanks to mYstic Y0gi)
The following bug fixes have been added:
-> Removed the YahooPOPs! user agent string. Mozilla is the default user agent string from this release.
-> Fixed the bugs which caused 0.3.5 to be so unstable.
-> The POP3 USER and PASS commands are now accepted in any case.
-> Fixed the proxy authentication bugs. The code is currently experimental and I cannot assure that it will work properly! Send in your feedback if you face problems with the proxy auth feature. (PS: Digest authentication is not supported). I have tested this using FreeProxy and NetProxy.
-> Username and password are now encoded for special characters like &.