Hi Everyone,
If you want to send email from your PC but did not have access to an SMTP server, do not despair! Install your own SMTP server!!!! I downloaded and successfully used a program called ArgoSoft Mail Server for sending emails. Just enter the DNS server of your service provider and it does the rest. Its fast and compact in size! The install file is about 1.1 MB in size. That's it!

Download it from: http://www.webattack.com/download/dlargomail.shtml
I'm evaluating this program currently. If it works fine then I will not be implementing the SMTP feature in YahooPOPs! (which is currently 70%complete).
With Regards,
PS: If you are reading this email, then you know that it works ;) This has been sent using ArgoSoft -- check the mail headers! Enjoy.