YahooPOPs 0.3.3/Windows has been released.
The following new features have been added to this release:
1) Support for the new Yahoo! Mail Beta site
2) Document on how to compile YahooPOPs! (Its present in the help file). I haven't found the time to verify whether the instructions are accurate. Someone needs to verify this.
3) Option to change the POP3 port. Next release will support changing of IP address as well.
4) Support for the yahoo.co.uk (United Kingdom) website
Some enhancements:
1) Configuration details for Eudora added to Help.
Some bug fixes:
1) Proxy authentication information was not being saved.
2) If "Max emails per session" feature was being used with a value less than 25, then emails were not being deleted.
Some internal code changes:  
1) Removed deletion of Yahoo specific email headers. Their deletion was of no use.
2) Removed addition of the "Content-Length" header. This is an optional header and email clients work without it.
I require your help for the following:
1) With the change in the Yahoo interface (Beta site), I need some strings translated to various languages to ensure that the regional Yahoo sites continue to function. In the yahoo.com site, you will see a string like "Messages 1-10 of 10" to indicate that there are 10 emails. What is the equivalent string shown in the regional sites? Send me the exact string.
2) Testing of the proxy authentication feature. I do not have access to a proxy server with proxy authentication enabled. It'll take me some time to get one proxy server up on my machine to test this. In the meanwhile, if someone who already has access to such a proxy server could test it out and let me know where the bug is, it would be a great timesaver.
3) I haven't found the time to verify whether the instructions of compiling YahooPOPs! are accurate. Someone needs to verify this.
With Regards,


With Regards,
Anuj Seth
NOTE: If you are using YahooPOPs!, please post any queries, feature requests, bug reports directly via the YahooPOPs! website and not via email to me.