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I just tried the because of big memory leak in 0.8.8, I hope this is the place to report bugs about tis version.

0.8.8 Memleak is fixed, except that total memory used during the POP3/HTML session is released only at the very end, I had YPOPs using up to 500MB memory !

In my case I receive many alerts mails from IP camera with small 1.5/2.0MB .MP4 movie attachements. I may have about 200 alerts between two YPOPs sessions.

I think it should be more efficient to release memory after each deivered mail.

But the subject of this bug report is not this one. seems to lock randomly (I could not reproduce this problem on-demand).

log file show that it locks at :

[06/17/07 14:35:17] abc@xyz.com Password received from client.

YPOPs is still responsive and if I try to re-POP then it will lock again at same line.

If I quit/restart YPOPs then it is OK.

My machine is Wifi connected and change network multiple times as hibernate (its a notebook).

I tried to stop/restart wifi and do POP retrieving to see if changing network when YPOPs runs is a problem, but test result = OK.

I also tried to hibernate, get rid of wifi, turn machine on, reconnect wifi and POP again, test result = OK.

Using Win2K/SP4.



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