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I have the same issue, not deleting. I noticed this
only recently. I did not change anything. I assume
Yahoo must have done some changes to the website.


  • Philippe Ombredanne

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    I experienced the same issue.
    What happens is that some emails where downloaded, left as
    read on the server, and not deleted, then downloaded over
    and over and never cleaned-up.
    I have tried to go to the web client, mark them as unread.
    They are downloaded once, then maked read, but not deleted.
    So downloaded again.

    A workaround that deals with the problem, without solving it:
    changing settings to download only unread emails, and
    clean-up the mail-box via the web now and then manually...

  • Philippe Ombredanne

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    Please note that MrPsotman DOES NOT experience this problem
    with its Yahoo module.
    But hey, it does not support outgoing emails....
    But at least it deal with whatever chages Yahoo made properly.

  • meted

    meted - 2004-09-20

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    Hi there. I found a fix! Actually another found it in the bugs
    section, number 1029492. Here is the copy of his post from
    over there:

    Comment By: Jon (jonpeltier)
    Date: 2004-09-19 22:31

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    I found the solution on another forum. There is a patched file
    that you can download, which restores the old mail deletion.

    Here's the link to the patched version:

    Here's the forum thread where I read about it (it should be a
    single line URL): http://yahoopops.sourceforge.net/index.php?

    It works for me! Good luck and thanks to John.

  • edgardol

    edgardol - 2004-09-28

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    I have the same problem deleting after downloading.
    I'll wait for a few days before trying the patch.
    Hopefully the YahooPOPs! Team will have a chance to check it
    out and give it their blessing !

  • Don Beusee

    Don Beusee - 2005-01-29

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    This should be fixed in 0.6.050112. You can download from
    http://dbeusee.home.comcast.net/ until we make an official 0.7


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