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Database signing/verification

1.2alpha3 has been released which adds database signing and verification features. See the notes for details, as the man page has not been updated.

So far only tested on FreeBSD/Mac OS X. Will try it out on a few Linux distros once I get a chance.

Please send any feedback/bug reports/patches to me. Thanks!

Posted by Allan Saddi 2003-12-04


This fixes a bug where ignored entries are still reported as being removed. Thanks to Marjan Blatnik for finding it!

Posted by Allan Saddi 2003-11-12

1.2alpha released

I just uploaded 1.2alpha. I added per-type flag masks, where you can basically modify which attributes are checked based on the type of file. If you don't modify the masks, the behavior should be exactly as that of 1.1.1. (If not, let me know!)

See yafic.conf(5) for more info on this feature.

I'm not quite sure how or where to use this feature though. ;)

Posted by Allan Saddi 2003-11-06

1.1 released

Well, I'm not sure if this actually warrants a whole minor version increment, but hey... :)

On more than one occassion, I've found myself wanting to compare two existing databases. Well, here's that feature!

Posted by Allan Saddi 2002-10-27

Fixed for RedHat

Apparently, on RedHat systems, db 1.85 is libdb1 and not libdb. Version 1.0.1 should fix this. Thanks to Eric Arnoth for bringing this to my attention.

If you successfully built 1.0, you don't need this release.

Posted by Allan Saddi 2002-01-17

Version 1.0 released!

Now includes man pages and a sample configuration file.

Posted by Allan Saddi 2001-08-20

Version 0.9.3 is out!

Documentation is lacking though. For now, the README should be able to get you started.

Posted by Allan Saddi 2001-08-18