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As of 0.3 most D2XX functions have been implemented. Bit-banging functions work well, this was the motivation for creating the project. Serial port and EEPROM functions work but have not been well tested. See the Function Index for details.

Project configuration and source builds are managed by Apache Maven. Each platform (OS X, Windows) requires two items to be built, a common Java library (.jar) and a platform specific native module (.dll/.jnilib). These are available for download in the [[files]] area.

Building from source on Windows or source on OS X can be complicated. Inexperienced developers should consider using the prebuilt libraries.

Getting Started

You must install the correct FTDI D2XX driver for your platform. Follow the FTDI instructions to configure your workstation. OS X users need to understand their device driver options.


I use El Capitan (10.11.4). You will need to install Xcode and the additional command line tools for Maven and gcc.

Windows 7

On Windows 7 you need to make the GCC tools and Maven available. I run Windows 7 x64 in a virtual machine within OS X (Fusion). You need to install GCC (I installed MinGW x64) and Maven, v2.1x works fine.

SVN Checkout

  1. Once you've completed OS configuration, checkout the code from SVN.
  2. Change directory into the project root e.g. cd yad2xx
  3. Build the code using:
mvn install

If you've got the project checked out in Eclipse then use:

mvn eclipse:eclipse install


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