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YABI93 Beta3: Fixed the Bugs.

Within this release the Befunge source size got changed to the official specification's measures - along with other minor changes. So ALL the sourcecode out there should now run on YABI93. Please report every problem you face with existing programs and YABI93 Beta3.

Your chance: Is there anything you always wished for and no other Befunge interpreter was able to give you? Now it needs just a small entry in the feature request section and your wish may sooner be reality than you can imagine. At least you will be contacted in any case.... read more

Posted by Thomas Efer 2005-09-10

YABI93 Beta2: New Befunge93 Interpreter goes multilanguage!

Today "Yet Another Befunge93 Interpreter" Beta 2 is released with a couple of new features: OS-independent context menu for source- and console area as well as multilanguage support go along with some minor changes in raw interpreter code.

Stay tuned for further releases and give a lot of feedback, please ;)

Posted by Thomas Efer 2005-03-20

YABI93 Beta1 Released!

"Yet Anonther Befunge Interpreter" has found its way to the first "compiled" version. An English translation of the files in the "German" package will follow this release.

Posted by Thomas Efer 2005-03-03