#20 Share yabb forums with other sites


Ability to share a yabb forum with several other sites but
using different designs etc., ex: everyone.net

Sites can sign up to share your forums with their site
but use their own designs for layout.

The shared forum will be, of coarse, hosted on our own
site, but have a different name or extension
(ex:myforum.com/forum/usersitename, or

The sharing site will have ability to set preferences to
their likings but have optional options from administrator -
owner of forums. Like, each moderator has their own
customized copy of forum and limited options other than
the layout of their copy. But administrator will be able to
control all aspects of fourm and give moderator different
levels of control.

This is just a huge wish on my list! If there will never be
any plans for this, maybe someone can direct me to a
forum that has this or has plans for this. This is
something I need. But I will "never" give up my Yabb SE
forum already up. Just need this other idea for other
areas I am ventured into with my volunteered sites.


  • David Recordon

    David Recordon - 2003-02-02
    • milestone: --> v2,_Trinity
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • David Recordon

    David Recordon - 2003-02-02

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    Is the main idea behind this to be able to share members?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i would like a script like yapp that intergrates all the yabb function into a
    portal.. so that a user wont have to signup twice for each login, portal n

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am looking for a way to simply mirror boards between two
    sites. Updating on one updates on the other etc. The only quid
    pro quo being that you can have boards that are NOT shared.

    Therefore, in admin you would specify to share with www.
    blahblahblah.com for each board. That way you could have
    mirrored boards and private boards (private to the site).

    Maybe this is a step along the way in original thread posted
    2003-01-21 17:22 ??

    Best Wishes,



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