#13 Questioon/Answermanagement


I would like to use YaBB SE as a Forum and as a
Question/Answer Board. For this purpose it would be
great if it would be possible to somewath package the
answers and the writer of a question (or a admin) could
mark one or some answers as the important and correct
ones for the later readers so that if you open this
discussion there would first or only come the question
and the rigth answer. I only found this feature on one
board (ExpertExchange) and it isn't greatly implemented
and the system is not freely aviable so if you would
like to distance yourself from the other even further:
this is it.


  • Floris Barthel

    Floris Barthel - 2003-01-12
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mephidmann
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  • Floris Barthel

    Floris Barthel - 2003-01-12

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    Well, for those situations I think you should rely on differnt software
    instead. YaBB SE is a bulletin board, not anything else.


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