#86 Users getting knocked OFF

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Still getting knocked off. I reported this once before,
and thought that having them clear their cookies
resolved the issue. it has not solved this problem,
only reduced the number of people who are having this
trouble, ( or at least reduced the number of people
who actually tell me they have a problem ),.

here's one of the user's mail to me:

Im Mrs K and yes i have deleted all of the cookies. but
when I try to enter i go to the sign in screen , i thne
sign in again then try to enter and the same thing
happens again.


  • robert lehman

    robert lehman - 2003-02-12

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    Finally found the core fo the problem. Netscape 7. I found
    that if I use netscape 7 on my board OR on the YabbSE
    community board low and behold I keep getting knocked
    off. I asked my users who are having this problem what
    browser they are using. Low and behold Netscape or, AOL

  • Jeff Lewis

    Jeff Lewis - 2003-02-14

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    With this 1.5.1 version you can use sessions, have you tried
    that at all to see how it responds?

  • Jeff Lewis

    Jeff Lewis - 2003-02-14
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  • robert lehman

    robert lehman - 2003-02-14

    Logged In: YES

    Yes I have and I get the same result. BUT as I said, I am
    able to produce the problem on the YabbSE website also
    when I use Netscape 7. However this may be a settings
    issue on my end and if it is it may be one on my user's
    ends also. settings issue via netscape/AOL or possibly how
    netscape/AOL was installed. I have tried replicating this
    problem on another workstation and using Netscape I was
    able to login and stay logged in on the YabbSE site. I
    checked my Netscape preferances on that workstation and
    they are the same as the problem one. So to this point I
    lost the key to the issue and I'm trying to narrow it. I am

  • Anonymous - 2003-02-15

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    Wiziwig Netscape should have a cookie manager. Can you check
    that on the one that doesn't work and tell us if the cookie
    is showing up there? There should also be a way to make
    Netscape ask you before setting a cookie which would let you
    know if its working as well.

  • robert lehman

    robert lehman - 2003-02-25

    Logged In: YES

    I am using sessions and I have monitored the cookie
    directory in Netscape. I am not able to correct this
    problem on my end. In conversation with mephisto_kur he
    has said that he also is having troubles with people staying
    logged in but since he is using yapp he cannot bug report.

  • Jim Greenwood

    Jim Greenwood - 2003-03-06

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    I have used both avant and ms ie 6.0.28. I and one other
    user have this problem (we currently only have 6 users).

  • Thorsten Ziege

    Thorsten Ziege - 2003-03-13

    Logged In: YES


    I encounter the problem with NS 4.7, 6.0 and 7.0 but not
    with MSIE 5.0.

    In parallel, when I access the forum I have to call the link
    First time, only a blank page is displayed.

    Feel invited to check it out:


  • Thorsten Ziege

    Thorsten Ziege - 2003-03-13

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    I found a solution.

    In admin mode change to "Einstellungen zu den installierten
    (Setting installed Mod or something similar in English) and
    uncheck "Enable local storage of cookies".

    Then it works.


  • Anonymous - 2003-03-13

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    Upgrade to 1.5.1, your version of YaBB has known problems
    with cookies.

  • robert lehman

    robert lehman - 2003-03-18

    Logged In: YES

    Users still experiencing this problem for release 45. I do
    not recieve many requests or comments from anyone so
    it's hard to follow if this is fixed. I have attached a complete
    dialog I had with one of the users having this problem. I had
    walked him through deleting cookies and cache files from
    within the directorys themselves. He told me he is running
    IE 5, this is also documented (the exact version number) in
    the attached dialog.

  • Unknown W. Brackets

    • assigned_to: nobody --> unknownbrackets
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
  • Unknown W. Brackets

    Logged In: YES

    No log is attached....

    Cookies will always be a problem - they are a problem
    everywhere. I think 1.5.1 has minimized this problem.

    Please open a new bug report if you have a considerable
    number of users having problems... (ie more than just a few.)

    Thank you,


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