#205 Users with reserved names cannot modify profile

Misc (67)

If a user with a reserved name attempts to change
there profile the following error is returned:

Skills : : Today at 10:05:18
The username you tried to register contains a reserved
name. Please try another username. Reserved name:

Admin can change profiles.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The problem seems to be more extensive than just reserved
    names. At http://forum.freecountyproject.com/index.php I
    have registered and when I login, after I click on profile or
    any other item, I immediately become a visitor. Looking at the
    home page, I can see that I am logged on, but I cannot reply
    to messages and I cannot access my profile.

    Furthermore, the administrator of the site cannot be identified
    from the home page, consequently I do not know how to
    notify the administrator that there is a problem.


  • Unknown W. Brackets

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    First problem:

    Not a problem in my view. If you set it as a reserved name,
    it's reserved - that means NO ONE should use it. If you are
    using it, you should change it....

    The second problem is a completely different one. This is not
    a bug - that should be obvious from the fact that some
    people actually use YaBB SE successfully.
    Please check on the forum
    (http://www.yabbse.org/community/) and look in the English
    User Help section. There is a "Cookie FAQ" which should help

    I'm sure the administrator knows, and I hope they look at the
    Cookie FAQ to investigate.


  • Unknown W. Brackets

    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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