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Commit Date  
[r391] by jetli

Move from Admin.lng
'birthday' => 'Birthday',
'birthday_a' => '(<label for="birth_month">MM</label>/<label for="birth_day">DD</label>/<label for="birth_year">YYYY</label>)',
'birthday_b' => '(<label for="birth_day">DD</label>/<label for="birth_month">MM</label>/<label for="birth_year">YYYY</label>)',
'gender' => 'Gender',
'gender_male' => 'Male',
'gender_female' => 'Female',

to Register.lng

2012-06-21 23:43:48 Tree
[r390] by michaelprager

fixed utf8 encoding error when loading old versions of (this happens when an older version of that package is installed on the system, so the YaBB supplied version is not used).

This was for example the case on the new dedicated yabb/boardmod webserver.

2012-02-11 13:45:30 Tree
[r389] by jetli

Fix Spelling

2012-02-07 13:09:19 Tree
[r388] by michaelprager

fixed "Delete Topic from Recycle Bin and View User Profile" resulting in "Unable to open ./Messages/123456789.ctb. Verbose: No such file or directory"

2011-12-10 15:35:30 Tree
[r387] by jetli

Fix N/A displays in Last Post column on BoardIndex. Thnx to Carsten for fix

2011-12-05 06:07:20 Tree
[r386] by michaelprager

Revert some unintended changes from last commit

2011-09-17 22:13:53 Tree
[r385] by jetli

Change Goto top without anchor. Thnx to Carsten.

2011-09-13 17:29:04 Tree
[r384] by michaelprager

fixed session validation check (regex used unescaped variables for comparision)

2011-09-11 17:40:03 Tree
[r383] by jetli

Fixed ICQ Online Status links. Old link was no working.

2011-03-20 10:09:40 Tree
[r382] by jetli

- Remove XIMinc comments
- 2010 to 2011

2011-03-06 09:34:01 Tree
[r381] by jetli

- Remove XIMinc comments
- 2010 to 2011
- default.css change Admin Center to style Forum

2011-03-06 09:28:37 Tree
[r380] by jetli

Add Label Tag at Action: and Add Move Info: Text

2011-02-27 10:47:50 Tree
[r379] by michaelprager

fixed IE8 crashing and using compatibility mode because of CSS bug

2011-02-20 13:09:03 Tree
[r378] by michaelprager

fixed redirect after login when using ajax. Also fixed login not working with javascript disabled.

2011-02-20 13:08:08 Tree
[r377] by michaelprager

fixed error log being deleted if only a specific error should be deleted

2011-02-20 11:41:48 Tree
[r376] by michaelprager

fixed UTF-8 encoding error showing in error.log. Some comments in NetAddr::Ip::Lite were not encoded in UTF-8.

2011-02-20 11:40:56 Tree
[r375] by michaelprager

fixed "Unable to open Boards/*.txt" after mysql->flatfile if board was empty

2011-02-13 16:34:50 Tree
[r374] by michaelprager

minor code improvements converning memberinfo.txt database handling

2011-02-13 16:16:47 Tree
[r373] by michaelprager

fixed database return values not having the same line endings as flatfile. Also fixed attachments column in Messages/*.txt files. Before this patch, line breaks were written into this last column.

2011-02-13 16:15:48 Tree
[r372] by michaelprager

added DBD::mysql to dependency checker. This module is required if mysql is used.

2011-02-13 16:14:49 Tree
[r371] by michaelprager

fixed memberinfo.txt not being recreated when moving mysql->flatfile

2011-02-13 16:13:53 Tree
[r370] by michaelprager

fixed "could not open .msg" error if sending IM with empty outbox

2011-02-13 16:12:58 Tree
[r369] by michaelprager

fixed captcha image display in UTF-8

2011-02-13 10:47:07 Tree
[r368] by michaelprager

use more common and compatibl SQL syntax ENGINE instead of TYPE

2011-02-12 23:19:17 Tree
[r367] by michaelprager

fixed mysql prefix error on messageindex (finally :))

2011-02-12 23:18:27 Tree
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